So, I don’t usually do fan arts. Not because I don’t want to (I have a long list of stuff I would totally adapt to my “style” so as it is) but rather because having a day job, I have to choose carefully how I invest my drawing time. A strip three times a week has a nasty habit of eating at that drawing time. At any rate, I found myself with some spare time and the will to do things other than Atomic Laundromat characters and chose of Dave Barrack’s characters as my victim inspiration.

This is Sydney, from David’s comic Grrl Power. Dave’s comic is all about superpowered females going about their superpowered business, so of course it might be up your alley — although judging by my stats today, a lot of you actually came from over there. Whatever the case may be, make sure you check out his extensive archive and his current saga. Just promise you will come back.