Confused by the big robot with a hole in its belly? Wonder why a Harry Potter reject runs a laundromat with weird people coming in and out of it all the time? You are most probably not alone.  The best way to start is by going to the very first strip.  If you would like to know more about the cast and crew first, then you should read on…

A world with superheroes and supervillians is bound to get messy. Aliens bleed. Capes get messed up. Utility belts get rusty. And let’s not get started on the sweat that pools in the deepest recesses of spandex and leather suits. Most superpowered beings are exactly like you and I: they have no time (or patience) to scrub radioactive gunk off their gloves, so they require specialized services. Your regular Chinese Laundromat is not equipped to handle that kind of stuff, so when in need the superbeings turn to … Atomic Laundromat.

The Laundromat is like Friend’s Central Perk. Like the bar in Cheers. Like the random restaurant in Seinfeld. Like the Hall of Justice in Superfriends. Except with more smelly underwear all over the place.


The Plot thus far

Atomic Laundromat has been going on for 5 years now. If you don’t have time to go through the entire archive, here’s what has happened so far.

David, the mild-mannered owner of the Atomic Laundromat, minds his business and tends to the needs of the superpowered community with the help of his friend/robot/appliance Bob. An old friend, superpowered defense attorney Angela moves back into town, and the reconnection leads to a romance that currently has them dating (and arguing half of the time). You see, Angela harbors a very deep desire for superpowers, causing insecurities in an otherwise fiery exterior. It is yet to be seen to which lengths Angela would go to obtain the powers she so desires.

David’s connection to the superhero community goes beyond cleaning their spandex tights. His dad, The Messiah, is the greatest superhero of his generation – while his mom is the Ruler of the Galactic Empire. This combination sprung 7 superpowered siblings and David. So, no pressure there. David has always been happy to live a quieter life without being a hero – something that irks Angela (a lot). David really worries about his Dad not recognizing that he is too old for the hero business, and even goes as far as sabotaging his defense case in an indecent exposure lawsuit (long story) that currently has him on house arrest.

There is definitely something big lurking under the surface. Juno, a former superheroine, took up a job at the laundromat because she is convinced that an event of cosmic significance is happening there – and wants to be around to witness it. Juno used to have precognition powers that made her entire life a huge spoiler alert, but they seem to not be working since taking the job at the laundromat. What this cosmic event will be, nobody has any idea.

The cosmic event may or may not be Dani. Dani is David’s youngest sister – and the true heir to the Empire. She’s currently on a pilgrimage of sorts to prove to the subjects of the Empire (and her formidable mother) that she is a worthy successor to the throne. Dani isn’t just a purple pretty face – she has sonic powers that can be unleashed in the most inconvenient moments. Her mother is not quite pleased with her progress.

You can see more details about the cast in the About section.