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April 21st Exchange rates
April 18th All the way downtown
April 16th The World Ends with You
April 14th Upworthiness
April 11th Pound puppies
April 8th Editor in chief
February 19th Purely coincidental
February 17th Unanswered questions
February 12th No personalized keychain
February 10th WIP: The Lost
February 7th The 12th Man
February 4th Checking in
January 19th So… where are we again?
December 23rd Merry Christmas 2013
December 18th That’s what your momma said
December 17th Chill war
December 13th Pure paranoia
December 11th Graphic enthusiasm
December 9th Feline Approach
December 6th Message in a bottle
December 4th High Definition
December 2nd Well done
November 27th Turkey blend
November 25th Simple turkey math
November 22nd Creative cooking
November 20th Tasmanian devil
November 18th The Oxford Files
November 15th Peak feline
November 14th Sound strategy
November 11th A weighty sidekick
November 7th Lemons into… you know the rest.
November 4th Holy shrouds
October 30th Job security
October 28th High Culture
October 21st And now a word…
October 2nd Guest Strip: Viri! (again!)
September 30th Guest Strip: Viri!
September 20th Stars above us
September 18th Staring into the void
September 13th Resumé builder
September 11th A passing concern
September 9th Paging Ally McBeal
September 6th Gossip girl
September 4th Office Space II
August 30th Fame and fortune
August 28th Ignore at your own peril
August 26th Crushed velvet
August 21st Office Space
August 19th Who you gonna call?
August 12th Right Spark
August 9th Sensitivity training
August 7th Mighty shield
August 2nd Offerings
July 31st Sturdy composition
July 29th Coat check
July 26th From the beaks of strangers
July 24th Who’s on first
July 22nd Waterboarding
July 17th Awareness
July 15th High Couture
July 12th Stake in the ground
July 10th Grave matters
July 8th Crossroads
July 3rd Fool me once…
July 1st Customer complaints
June 28th Precious memories
June 26th Morning Jolt
June 24th Self-evident truths
June 21st Scruffy Nerfherder
June 19th Waterworks
June 17th Morning jolt
June 14th Robot appeal
June 12th Work complications
June 10th Age-old wisdom
June 5th Things that go squeak in the night
May 31st Scent of a man
May 28th Catch-up Session
May 17th Total War
May 15th Things that go bump in the night
May 13th At least it’s not an Ewok.
May 10th True statements
May 8th A long talk
May 6th Eyes on the prize
May 3rd Mad About You
May 1st Rules of Engagement
April 29th How I met your mother
April 26th Friends
April 24th Designated driver
April 22nd Cheers
April 19th Dark libations
April 17th Evil Origins
April 15th Paper dreams
April 11th Paging Dr. Zaius
April 9th Sorry Tinkerbell
April 6th Paper shredder
April 3rd Deep in the jungle
April 1st Incoming…
March 20th Guide to the Galaxy
March 6th You had to be there
March 4th Putting on your best face
March 1st General Discourse
February 27th Priorities
February 25th Seniority
February 22nd Conversationalist
February 20th Customer service
February 18th Worst. Episode. Ever.
February 13th Battle garb
February 11th All hail
February 8th Here’s Johnny
February 6th Come on in, the water’s fine
February 4th It’s all fun and games…
January 23rd Read your contract
January 21st Reasonable argument
January 18th Bare necessities
January 16th Unquestionable evidence
January 14th Real horror
January 11th Role Models
January 9th Figure of speech
January 7th Dogfighting
December 22nd Who let the dogs out
December 19th Makeover Wednesday
December 17th The Comeback Kid
December 12th Degustation in space
December 9th Incoming
December 7th Employees must…
December 5th Across the Universe
December 3rd Dust to dust
November 30th Rich reading
November 28th Potty break
November 26th Nuclear response
November 21st Pass the yams
November 19th Billable hours
November 9th Gag order
November 7th Hamster gospel
November 5th High discourse
November 2nd Welcome home
October 31st Heartache
October 29th Line of questioning
October 26th Cellphone etiquette
October 23rd Yes, just like Battle Royale
October 12th Raise the Barn Roof
October 10th Spelling kills
October 8th No Dead Parrot
October 5th Ren Faire
October 3rd Storm watch
October 1st Smurf tablets
September 26th Major updates
September 24th Power nap
September 21st Forced relocation
September 19th The Fast and Kinda Furious
September 17th Interlude: Jetlag
September 10th Words of power
September 7th Whys and therefores
September 5th Sexy party
August 31st This is not a shawarma.
August 29th Popcorn passed
August 28th Pass the popcorn
August 24th Smooth criminal
August 22nd The Vision
August 20th Zero Visibility
August 16th Size Queen
August 15th Second mortgage
August 13th Who’s the Boss?
August 8th DeLorean Wash
August 6th Touch-enabled
August 3rd 50 Shades of Lace
August 1st Go for the Gold
July 30th Stand By
July 23rd Summer in the desert.
July 20th Tatooine radio
July 18th Missteps
July 13th Friendship is Magic.
July 11th Mexican standoff
July 9th Gas guzzler
July 5th Satisfaction guaranteed
July 2nd This is why you are fat
June 29th Brunch, the sexiest meal of the day
June 27th Topic of discussion
June 25th Totally metal
June 22nd Jailbird
June 20th Just a snack
June 15th Trial by fire
June 13th Steamy action
June 11th Bundle up
June 8th RoBros before Hos
June 6th Red Dawn
June 4th In the jungle, the mighty jungle
June 1st Marsupial line
May 18th Secret agent man
May 16th Strenuous workout
May 14th Bad Hair Day
May 11th Family Jewels
May 9th Box of Junk
May 7th Sideways glance
May 4th Special Delivery
May 2nd My Little Panty
April 30th I’m only happy when it rains
April 27th Tongue-tied
April 25th Moment in time
April 23rd Hollow men
April 20th You had to be there
April 18th Double down
April 16th The IT Crowd
April 13th Faster than a speeding Nobel
April 11th Taco Time
April 4th Gone Fishing
April 2nd Yosemite problem
March 30th Sunday in the Park with Nuclear George
March 28th Up, up and away
March 26th I can quit anytime I want to.
March 23rd Karma
March 21st Suck on this, TvTropes
March 19th Grab Bag
March 16th The Hunger Games
March 14th On a weenie and a prayer
March 12th Faster than the speed of light
March 9th Quack therapists
March 7th Near misses
March 5th Desperate times
March 2nd T.O.D.
February 24th Checklist
February 22nd War and Peace
February 20th Cold tidings
February 17th Cue Dramatic Gopher
February 12th Gueststrip: Victor Villarreal
February 10th Gueststrip: Jorge Cavazos
February 8th Origin stories
February 6th Paging Michael Scott
February 3rd Doogie Howser, Tiny Doctor
February 1st Risky Maneuvers
January 30th Choking up
January 27th Long, black and full of seamen
January 25th Sushi belt
January 23rd Delicacies
January 20th Snow Day II
January 18th Important reminders
January 16th Snow Day
January 13th Fluffy Fluffiness
January 11th Brown Menace
January 9th The Falcon Whisperer
January 6th I’m selling these fine leather jackets…
January 4th Heated debate
January 2nd Hop Hop Hop
December 30th Happy New Year
December 28th Location, Location, Location
December 26th A rose is a rose
December 23rd Yuletide Tidings
December 21st Snakes not on a plane
December 16th Gratuitous interlude
December 14th Job Hazard
December 12th Justin Bailey
December 9th From Russia with Love
December 7th Friendship is magic
December 5th I want it that way
December 2nd Shrinkage
November 30th Fine German Engineering
November 28th Gueststrip: Quetzal!
November 25th Blind turkey
November 23rd Gueststrip: Hino!
November 21st Sound legal advice
November 18th Safety Word
November 16th Full house.
November 14th Fudged fut
November 11th Oh la la
November 9th Cutting-edge technology
November 7th I think I’m turning Japanese
November 4th Hokey pokey
October 31st Usefulness
October 28th Dash of color
October 26th 140 Characters
October 24th Close attention
October 21st Turtle power
October 19th Visual aids
October 17th Hear me roar
October 14th Inner turmoil
October 12th Afternoon snack
October 10th Ground rules
October 7th Banging
October 5th Red revelations
October 3rd Slow day
September 30th The Brady Bunch
September 28th Different strokes
September 26th Total eclipse of the heart
September 23rd Je ne sais quoi
September 21st Legally blonde
September 19th I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
September 7th Temporal distortion
September 5th Art Cinema
August 31st Atomic Retromat
August 29th Upper hand
August 26th Cave Comedentis
August 24th Fancy leather
August 22nd More than meets the eye
August 19th Drawn to the flame
August 17th And Mary Ann…
August 15th Three hour trip
August 12th Court jester
August 10th Breaking news
August 8th The Devil is in the details
August 5th Hybrid vehicles
August 3rd Tipping is not a city in China
August 1st Batteries not included
July 29th Bastille Day
July 27th Force Majeure
July 25th Jammin’ it
July 22nd Size queen
July 20th Low visibility
July 15th Exposure
July 13th Gueststrip: Quetzal Cardenas
July 11th Poultry sale
July 7th Eye of the tiger
July 5th Suit up!
July 3rd Dark places
July 1st Escalations
June 29th Darky dark dark
June 27th Naptime
June 24th Margaritaville II
June 22nd Is this thing on?
June 20th Hokey Pokey
June 17th Introductions
June 15th Steady diet
June 13th Aqua Teen Hunger Force
June 10th It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to
June 8th Convenience Store
June 6th The man in the mirror
June 3rd Well done
June 1st Yo JOE
May 30th Enter the Mamba
May 27th Come with me if you want to live
May 25th Tail bone
May 24th Intermission
May 20th Kind compliments
May 18th Glowing service
May 16th Atomic Laundromat Clip Show
May 13th Incentive plan
May 11th Lavender dreams
May 9th Parallax Party
May 6th Day of the Tentacle
May 4th Black tie affair
May 2nd Special Requests
April 29th Yellow brick commute
April 27th Plan B
April 25th The Island of Dr. No
April 22nd Gueststrip week: Maritza Campos
April 21st Gueststrip week: Juanele (2)
April 20th Gueststrip week: Juanele (1)
April 19th Gueststrip Week: Jorge Cavazos
April 18th Gueststrip Week: Mr. Sausage
April 15th Little Barbershop of Horrors
April 13th This is ground control to Major Tom
April 11th Snip off the top
April 8th Hair job
April 6th Sports Bob
April 4th Recruitment
April 1st Wear a coat
March 30th Be our guest
March 28th Cold front
March 25th Billing issues
March 23rd Finding Nemo
March 21st Undocumented use
March 18th Paging Dr. House
March 16th Japan
March 13th Tale of replacement
March 11th The All-Seeing Eye
March 9th Shoot from the hip
March 7th Cover-up
March 4th Just like Tatooine
March 2nd Outsourced
February 28th Midnight snack
February 25th The long walk home
February 23rd Damn you, Comrade Pajitnov
February 21st Feats of strength
February 18th Loaded drink
February 16th Proper sock technique
February 14th High-Definition Entertainment
February 11th Thesaurus Attack
February 9th Hot in the kitchen
February 7th A third option
February 4th Foot-in-mouth disease
February 2nd Socky socks socks
January 31st Closely watched
January 28th From the bottom of my pint
January 26th Sound investments
January 24th Order up
January 21st Ride ‘em Cowboy
January 19th Optical count
January 17th Henching under the influence
January 14th A horse is a horse, of course
January 12th Designated rider
January 10th Filing
January 7th Drama king
January 5th Uncertain terms
January 3rd The void
December 31st Metaphorically speaking
December 29th Saved by the Bell
December 27th Sarcasm is a two-way street
December 24th Happy Holidays
December 22nd Evasion
December 20th A river in Egypt
December 17th Return to sender
December 15th Mallard delivery
December 13th Invitees and invitnots
December 10th Danger mouse
December 8th Supreme needs
December 6th Costume change
December 3rd Prospective buyers.
December 1st Catering
November 29th Scourge of Carpathia
November 26th Reasonable explanation
November 24th Hanging the cape
November 22nd Character Witness
November 19th Smashing prices
November 17th Teatime
November 15th Volume discount
November 12th Enter the dragon
November 10th Cheesy goodness
November 8th Dramatic entrance
November 5th Bull in a china store
November 3rd Office supplies
November 1st Better left unanswered
October 29th Part of your world
October 27th Out and about
October 25th Cherries on top
October 22nd Hot Dogs
October 20th Atomic Laundromat unplugged
October 18th Disjointed custody
October 15th Midnight urge
October 13th Sale!
October 11th Animated sushi
October 8th Guestcomic: Soft advice
October 6th Guestcomic: Unlikely characters
October 4th Guestcomic: Husk
September 30th Guestcomic: Gotta catch them all
September 29th Priorities
September 27th Extraordinary whispering
September 24th Nutty Musings
September 22nd Pants on fire
September 20th Darkness
September 17th Fowl sensitivity
September 15th Deep fried love
September 13th Why so serious?
September 10th Only way to travel
September 8th Working girl
September 6th Concert noise
September 3rd Deep Thought
September 1st No surprises
August 30th Privacy options
August 27th Pimp my ride
August 25th Dating scene
August 23rd Awkward, Inc.
August 20th Perception
August 18th Sneaking suspicion
August 16th Royal Heritage
August 13th No holding back
August 11th Indoor voice
August 9th New business ventures
August 6th Measured response
August 4th Food court
August 2nd Let’s go to the mall… TODAY!
July 30th Extreme measures
July 28th Even stronger revelations
July 26th Revelations
July 23rd Fire sale
July 21st Structural integrity
July 19th Bake Sale
July 16th Cream or jelly
July 14th Contract review
July 12th Special discounts
July 9th Spoiler alert
July 7th In Control
July 5th Credit default
July 2nd 5-7-5
June 30th Fine print
June 28th Tight defense
June 25th Faster than light
June 23rd Rapt attention
June 21st Bad reception
June 18th Credit score
June 16th Constant coverage
June 14th Cuz I’m the good guy
June 11th Super sweet 16
June 8th The Wonder Years
June 7th Space Balls
June 4th Up in the air
June 2nd Wardrobe malfunction
May 31st Casual stroll
May 28th I feel pretty…
May 26th Cleaning up
May 24th Guestcomic: One foot at a time
May 21st Morning after
May 19th Late night television
May 17th Brainy debate
May 14th Speed (no Keanu)
May 12th Zero sum
May 10th … that’s a space station!
May 7th Duck Rights
May 5th Put your right arm in…
May 3rd Political correctness
April 30th Cheesecake factory
April 28th Looming darkness
April 26th Look, don’t touch.
April 23rd Michael Bay, I blame you.
April 21st Blackout
April 19th Flower power
April 16th Number 74 with broccoli
April 14th Duck, Duck, gander (again)
April 12th Margaritaville
April 9th The Crying Game
April 7th Silver lining
April 5th Guestcomic: Feeling fuzzy
April 2nd Guestcomic: Pleasing the court
April 1st Guestcomic: Stuff in a box
March 31st Guestcomic: Bring it to the yard
March 29th Blind spot
March 26th Standoff
March 24th Duck, duck, gander
March 22nd The EC Variety Hour
March 19th Brain trust
March 17th We won’t get fooled again
March 15th Standard package
March 12th Not a cosmic incident
March 10th Morning Coffee
March 8th A complete breakfast
March 5th Breast Awareness
March 3rd Not Adamantium, luckily
March 1st Hiring practices
February 26th Job Placement
February 24th Cosmic Alignment
February 22nd Ye godly attributes
February 19th Thus quacked Zarathustra
February 17th Better than a Prius
February 15th Valentine’s Day
February 12th Realizations
February 10th Scramble
February 8th Rites of passage
February 5th Side effects
February 3rd Health care reform
February 1st Bread winner
January 29th Udderly lost
January 27th Business card
January 25th Quantum Duck
January 22nd Health plan
January 20th Comparisons abound
January 18th Fun with radioactivity.
January 15th Help Haiti
January 13th Rules of the road.
January 11th Not on Animal Planet
January 8th Power search
January 6th Late Christmas
January 4th While you were out
January 1st Information is power
December 30th Ducktales
December 28th Secret of the Ooze
December 25th Eyebrowgate
December 23rd Happy Holidays!
December 21st Winter wonderland
December 18th Two Quackibytes
December 17th Emergency Strip
December 16th No ferrets harmed
December 14th Dirty socks
December 11th Dirty little secret
December 9th Fair trade
December 7th Bargains
December 4th Pet peeve.
December 2nd Vending machine
November 30th Brown bagging it
November 27th Holiday special
November 25th Turkey Day
November 23rd Victoria’s Welders
November 20th Reservations suggested
November 18th Sock Noir
November 16th Greased Lightning
November 13th Casual Fridays
November 11th Loading…
November 9th Collateral Damage
November 6th All hands on deck
November 4th Cow Nomenclature
November 2nd It does a body good.
October 30th The One Ring
October 28th 3,720 to 1
October 26th Shrinkage
October 23rd Not Greek to me
October 21st Pretentious undergarments
October 19th Furries
October 16th Blind date
October 14th Not Gilligan’s Island
October 12th Moon power laundry
October 9th Home remedies
October 7th Dear Sir or Madam
October 5th Crash and Burn
October 2nd It’s all semantics
September 30th Morning Power Hour
September 28th Angela’s sorrow
September 25th The Hangover
September 23rd A Stark warning
September 21st Last Call
September 18th Shotgun!
September 16th Little Mr. Sunshine
September 14th All-in-one.
September 11th Blending in
September 9th Preemptive strike
September 7th Black gold
September 4th Banana taxation
September 2nd Bouncers in the mist
August 31st The Hills are Alive
August 28th Here be hippogriffs
August 26th Double Jeopardy
August 24th Position of power
August 21st Five stars
August 19th Gratuity not included
August 17th These are not the pickles you are looking for
August 14th Guacamole Bacon Evil Burger
August 12th Yeah, they do have legs
August 10th Faster than a speeding horse buggy
August 7th No exceptions
August 5th Irresistible force of nature
August 3rd Efficiency is overrated
July 31st To Dr. Emmet Brown, With Love
July 29th No shoes, no face, no service
July 27th Odds and ends
July 24th Shockingly good service
July 22nd Thank you, come again
July 19th Business as usual
July 17th Strike out