David Masters is the owner/manager of Atomic Laundromat.  He’s not stressed all the time, he just looks that way.  David comes from a superpowered family – quite literally.  His dad is the greatest superhero of his generation, a bastion of peace and justice in a troubled world.  His mom used to be the despotic ruler of a dark and evil Galactic Empire.  She settled down and had 6 superpowered kids.  And David. Contrary to conspiracy theories, David is not harboring any secret superpower that has yet to manifest itself.


Superbeings smash up a lot of stuff when they are carrying out their fights and what have you.  That means they also get sued.  A lot.  And when that happens, they come to Angela Croker – one of the finest defense attorneys in the land, specializing in superpowered incidents. Despite being a firecracker and quite a force of nature outwardly, Angela is deeply insecure and secretly wishes she had superpowers or abilities like her clients do, to set her apart from the general populace. David and Angela are currently dating.


A former superheroine, Juno took up a job at the laundromat because she is convinced that an event of cosmic significance is happening there – and wants to be around to witness it. Juno used to have precognition powers that made her entire life a huge spoiler alert, but they seem to not be working since taking the job at the laundromat. This has proven to be a blessing as every day is indeed a surprise. She currently houses Dani on her couch as a favor to David.


Quite possibly the world’s lamest transformer, Bob is a 9 foot robot that transforms into a washing machine.  Where did he come from and why exactly he transforms into a washing machine is better left a mystery for now.  He likes kittens, Saturday morning cartoons and detergent (as a late night snack).


Danielle Marie Elphaba Masters Xel’Hanai (Dani, for short) is David’s sister, and the heir of the Galactic Empire crown. She’s currently on a pilgrimage of sorts to prove to the subjects of the Empire (and her formidable mother) that she is a worthy successor to the throne. The fact that her pilgrimage thus far has been mostly spent on Juno’s couch eating chips and watching trashy TV is probably not a good sign. Dani isn’t just a purple pretty face – she has sonic powers that can be unleashed in the most inconvenient moments.