Thesaurus Attack

Things get a bit heated today. But David cools them down with icy cool penguin sex.

Take THAT contextual advertising!

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  1. BlakeBlack says:

    I know! Juno is actually David’s half cyborg ninja pirate clone daugther from an alternate time line here to stop a a radioactive hippie love atomic winter war.

    I think I hit all the targets with that.

  2. Jiubei says:

    you know something? I think the two of them are actually in love with David. The two of them are just in denial on that fact. One wants superpowers and the other just does not want to get hurt.

    There must be some reason why Angela lashed out at her when they first met… and there has to be some reason why Juno’s eye is making David and the laundromat her blindspot.

    ……. If I am right I hope this does not end as a future spoiler -_-;;;;

    • Armando says:

      All will be revealed in due time!

    • Wolfen says:

      It’s only a spoiler if you know it for a fact to be true when you say it. Nothing wrong with a little theorizing.

      For what it’s worth though, I think you’re right about Juno.

      • AJ says:

        Yeah, I agree. I pretty much suspected that Juno was speaking about David when she first applied for her current job working for him. But, that could’ve been a red herring, too. As for Angela, I realized quite early on that David had a thing for her and I wondered if maybe she secretly had deeper feelings for him. Obviously, though, her issues with superpowers and wanting them so she can be “special” are clouding her ability to see that someone already thinks she special.

        • Jiubei says:

          there must also be some reason why Angela was so…. emotional when she thought David and Juno were smooching.

          hmm…. Maybe Admiral Invisible will become a fountain of knowledge and point this out to them… or better yet tell David. Either is gonna be fun to watch.

  3. Kajun says:

    “But David cools them down with icy cool penguin sex.”

    Made my week.

  4. Sylentknight says:

    Please, please, please, don’t let David become the Butt Monkey.

    It would be nice for once to see a male character who could successfully defend himself in verbal battles with women.

    • JKelley says:

      Recall that David is now drunk as the last Lords of Creation (a fun state – I’ve been there more than a few times myself!) while the ladies are still sober – or close to it.

      Now, how many men can hold their own in a battle of wits with sharp women when they’re drunk? That is a contributory factor – the drunk character in the scene is usually the designated punching bag.

      This doesn’t contribute to his status as the Butt Monkey – just makes him (hopefully temporarily) a speed-bag for the ladies to work each other out on…

      • Armando says:

        Pretty much. David is only scenery right now.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m pretty sure the only people of either gender who have ever been able to consistently hold their own in a battle of wits while they’re drunk off their ass and the opposition is sober are Winston Churchill, and possibly Oscar Wilde (who I’m pretty sure could win a battle of witty quips /in his sleep/). Last I checked, David was neither.

        “Sir Winston, you are drunk!”

        “Madame, I may be drunk, but you are ugly. And in the morning, I will be sober… and you will still be ugly.”

        • Driftertank says:

          Was Wilde the one who had the conversation with the actress or model, that went something to the effect of her delivering a subtle slight in the form of suggesting they should have children, because with his brains and her looks they’d be remarkable, and responded,

          “But madame, just consider if they were born with MY looks and YOUR brains…”


    • Armando says:

      Oh, no, of course not. David can be quite articulate when he wants to. It’s kinda hard to put up a defense when you are talking in your sleep.

    • ADC says:

      TV Tropes will ruin your life.

  5. OhHaiMe says:

    Them Dames got claws!

  6. TxSonofLiberty says:

    Lilliputian, Subatomic, Imperceptible, Diminutive, Scrawny, Paltry, Incircumstantial, Irrelevant, Nano, Leptonoscopic, 1 Bit, Indetectable…

    There, so more for the ladies to say

    • JKelley says:

      Inconsequential. Meaurable in Angstrom units. Immeasurable (could go either way, granted.)

      Most of the more common ones are taken, and I don’t feel like cracking Roget’s right now…

  7. Wolfen says:

    Angela’s got some serious issues… She’s lying to herself and she knows it. Also, she looks downright POSSESSED in the second panel! Anyway, she should really listen to Juno… It intrigues me to no end that Juno knows what a hunger for power is like. If this fight comes to blows though, here’s hoping David is on the receiving end of all of them. :)

    And contextual advertising has been giving me the same ad for seafood for over a week now.

  8. atf343 says:

    I love how Angela and Juno are drawn at the end – Armando managed to capture the two ladies’ characters/colors/essence/personalities (thesaurusattackftw) in that single panel alone. Imo a classic – pls make a wallpaper, thx

  9. AJ says:

    Its like some sort of weird, unrelated version of Rei, Asuka and Shinji. Wait… what?

    Ha! I have no idea what that was suppose to mean.

    Two Girls, a Guy, and a Laundromat.

    • Armando says:

      If I start delving into deep psychological issues or they start riding robots, you’ll be the first to know.

      • TxSonofLiberty says:

        Um… doesn’t David already ride a Robot? I mean Bob is sort of his usual mode of transportation, last I checked…

        And… um… isn’t the whole Moody Angela trying to get Super Powers a deep psychological issue that you’ve been repeatedly delving into?

        No offense Armando, but technically while I’m at it, since this one was about thesaurus… isn’t every time Juno, Angela, or David complain to Bob technically them ‘Riding’ him… which means they’ve all been shown riding the robot :)

        • AJ says:

          Yes, but Shinji, Rei and Asuke never ride on/in robots, but living entities. There are so many resemblances. Even the dad’s both were glasses! And we haven’t seen mommy yet… maybe she’ll appear in some sort of apocalyptic dream or something near the end of the series? Of course, by then, we could expect everyone except David to be dead. Crap, did I just reveal the ending and spoil it for everyone?

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