Hot in the kitchen

This is probably the first “on-camera” conversation Angie & Juno have had since I introduced Juno as a character.  Exciting strips ahead! Nothing triple sized, but I see some double strips in the near future, maybe.

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  1. atf343 says:

    I guess having to drink Juno’s ruined martini was the final straw for Dave – no one would have drunk lubricant cocktail voluntarily even under influence

  2. OhHaiMe says:

    If you see a floating blue pill, RUN!!!

  3. Juanele says:

    Ha! I love how David’s face gets funnier in each panel

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  5. Malcolm says:

    I get the feeling Monday’s guest strip is influencing David’s pose here…

  6. Baughbe says:

    What good is it for Admiral Invisible to see a doctor when the doctor can’t see him?

  7. Deehee says:

    I get the feeling that Admiral Invisible is turning into the comic’s Butt Monkey.

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