Return to sender

It wasn’t going to be that easy, was it?

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  1. Chrolt says:

    You can almost hear his heart break in the lest panel T_T

    Poor David.

  2. xXAnEmptyShellXx says:

    Oh snap. :X

  3. Malcolm says:

    Bit late on the viewing today.


    Ah well. David, you now must hunt this guy down and lock him inside a tumble dyer for the duration.
    It’s the only reasonable response.

  4. OhHaiMe says:

    And David’s missing some teeth in the middle panel.

  5. Sylentknight says:

    I think this is gonna make me re-tune some of my own storytelling.
    I’ve notice that in most of these kinds of stories there is a recurring theme were one individual is actively dating/ has a social life while the other spends a lot of time alone. Gender is not a issue since it plays both ways.
    I wonder why you rarely see stories where both parties are actively dating and have social lives but somehow eventually come together?

  6. Confusador says:

    No, it couldn’t be that easy. But thank you for at least letting them TRY to do it the easy way.

  7. Kaworu says:

    Aaaw, poor David…and he will be even more disappointed when he’ll find out that Angela is dating one of his brothers…this or Angela is dating Juno, leaving the poor David alone (yeah, I know, but dreaming is free…)

  8. fangrider says:

    everyone that has ever read a drama knows, its never that easy.

  9. fangrider says:

    everyone that has ever read a drama knows, its never that easy.

  10. Wolfen says:

    Ouch… I think we’ve all been there, though. *sigh* Somebody buy this man a drink…

    • Wolfen says:

      On the other hand, Juno is available, and Armando DID hint at the possibility… Hmm…

      I just realized heartbreak seems to be a recurring trend in this comic. In the very first strip a girl rejects him, then Juno talks about love at first sight, then Bob gets dumped by a toaster and now this.

  11. TxSonofLiberty says:

    Hey… someone stole one of Spider-Man’s alternate identities… That is the Amazing Bagman next to Angie… either that or the Unknown Comic… either way. Soooo, who do you think she asked? Do you think he has powers? And do you think she is trying to get powers from her date?

  12. Los says:

    Aaah Dave…such hope on your face when you asked. *sigh* *pat on the shoulder*

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