I had this comic in the backburner for ages, waiting for a good time to run it.

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  1. [...] develop, little details emerge to help flesh out the cast such as Angela’s deep-seated desire for superpowers of her own, and Juno’s dislike of her own abilities as it takes all the spontaneity out of her life, but on [...]

  2. Stormhawk says:

    A long time ago, in a place far, far away from where I live now, I worked as a deputy sheriff. I’ve also helped out at rehab places. That last panel, I’ve seen those eyes before, seen that face. Desperation for the fix. It rarely ends well.

  3. Kestrel says:

    Wow, that’s some gorgeous artwork! And, damn, a crying Angela really tugs at the heart.

  4. Los says:

    *sigh* Poor girl.

  5. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by W. Byron Wilkins, Armando Valenzuela. Armando Valenzuela said: Have you read about Atomic Laundromat today? It's here to make you sad about stuff. http://www.atomiclaundromat.com/2010/09/20/darkness/ [...]

  6. AJ says:

    Something’s gonna happen. I can feel it in my bones. Or is that my spidey-sense tingling?

  7. Pablo T says:

    This, in contrast with David no desire to have super powers provides a great storyline. Nice comic

  8. OhHaiMe says:

    Follow me down the rabbit hole, into the deep dark underbelly of society where anything can be bought and even more things can be sold.
    Here we find a tragic tale,The tale of a plain,average,seemingly ordinary girl who would do anything to become extraordinary, even if it meant her own destruction.
    And she may just get her wish because unbeknown to her,she has just taken the wrong exit on the highway of life,she is now headed down a road that leads to only one place…The Laundromat Zone.

  9. Big Ninja Jim says:

    This comic was a sucker punch. Normally the comics are light and funny but a dark one like this comes around catches you by unaware. Good comic just unexpected. I am a firm believer that a good web comic doesn’t always have to be funny so long as it tells a good story. And I’m always happy to read this one.

    • Malcolm says:

      Agreed. This has happened before of course (and the same topic – we need a deep dark tragic Bob moment :P ) and it’s always an interesting shift.

  10. Kajun says:

    Very noir-esque. I like it.

    Now have David open up a private eye business out of the laundromat and speak in long deep monologues about “The City”. Then he and Bob can set out together as partners solving crimes, possibly against robots. You could call it Atomomata.

  11. Sylentknight says:

    I realized though her previous conversations that she had a big interest in super-powers, envy seems the most appropriate word, but I never expected it to be an obsession. You have wonderful story-arc building here; I want to see how you balance the comedy and drama as it unfolds.

  12. El Richardo says:

    Wow… I must say, this was quite unexpected. Bravo, Armando, bravo.

    And if she really wants superpowers that badly, why doesn’t she just let Quork bite her? That’ll get her some neat powers!

  13. Bosda says:

    Re: Angela’s obsession.

    Nothing good can come of this.

  14. Wolfen says:

    Whoa. just, whoa…. I don’t know what to say… Is she really that desperate for superpowers? I’m on the edge of my seat! I NEED to see how this develops!!!

    I loved the art style, Armando! Very gritty and dramatic… Words cannot express how much I LOVE it. And that third panel just might be the greatest thing you have EVER drawn. The pain and desperation expressed in that image… My God, man… Just, wow… I would seriously frame that picture and hang it in my room, if I could. In fact, do you think you could make us a wallpaper of that last panel? Pretty please..? :D

  15. Pexkool says:

    wow… this is deep, man!

  16. Malcolm says:

    Sooooo….. no time for shading then, huh? :)

    One thing that struck me last week. David didn’t have any bags with him when he was ported. Does that mean Angie doesn’t trust him with his suit (probably just as well).

  17. The Lone Wolf says:

    Gos, that obsession is going to hurt Angela really bad.

    P.S.: I granted myself my wish, first to comment in english and spanish

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