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Aaaand there she is. I promised you I would start bringing the storylines together – didn’t want to extend the visit to the mall for too long without some connection to the either the Sweet Sixteen or the trial. Dani has proven to be a much more interesting character than I originally conceived (to be honest, she was to be almost a background character).  However, I’m having fun – she should be sticking around for a few strips. The almost pose-like quality of the last panel is indeed kinda gratuituous, but I had to introduce her properly.  This is a “screen test” of the finished design.

Unfortunately, Atomic Laundromat is not in color – if it was, her skin would be a beautiful shade of lavender…

Anyhow, come back Friday – a new comic and “behind the scenes” of the strip-building process!

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  1. AJ says:

    Lavender-colored skin?

  2. Ray says:

    Love the look on his sister, they look a lot alike too, there is one thing i have bee thinking since i starting reading this, it HAD to such having bros/sisters with super powers, imagine getting a weggie from a guy with super strength….

      • TxSonofLiberty says:

        Makes me wonder… was the Messiah the supportive father, and Dave’s Mom the disciplinarian, did they share discipline duties? Or did the Messiah actually take Kal and the others over his knee, and despite all the ‘Terror’ that Dave has caused us to infer with his mother, she was really the loving mother who could never punish her children no matter what global or even intergalactic incidents they might have instigated? How exactly do you discipline children who can lift tractors by age 3 or say hi and blast people through walls. Also, Dave does have a power, people just don’t realize his power because it seems so mundane compared to his siblings. He has the power of Gain!!!

      • Ray says:

        LOL i forgot about that! thanks!

  3. Pexkool says:

    She’s beautiful!!!

    You went with the short-haired style after all, excellent choice!

    Another name for the cuties repertoir already going in the Atomic Laundromat multiverse, and Dani is already 1st in my top.

    • Wolfen says:

      MULTIverse..? I’m pretty sure there’s only one AL universe for the moment… Though it would be pretty interesting to see a super-powered version of Angie in a parallel universe. (Since David having superpowers in any way, shape or form would make that universe collapse in on itself, right?)

      • Pexkool says:

        yeah, he’d probably have a lame superpower like “stain-remover eye lasers” or “fresh-scented breath”

        …hmm, thinking about it, those would make for some nice gay superhero’ powers, am i right?

  4. Wolfen says:

    Hey Armando, I’ve been reading through the Spanish archive, and I have a question… Dani here will be celebrating her Sweet Sixteen soon, but in the Spanish version, she’ll be celebrating her Quinceañera. Of course, she can’t be both 14 AND 15 right now… I’m sure there must be a logical explanation for this, right..?

    • Armando says:

      I have to make changes between the versions to do a proper “localization”. In Mexico, the big deal is the quinceanera, in the US, it’s the Sweet 16. Since the exact age is not an important plot point (other than the creepy “is she legal” countdowns) the change is not a big deal.

      • Malcolm says:

        Annnnnndddddddd…… that’s one genie we hadn’t thought of (yet) out of the bottle.

      • Wolfen says:

        Yeah that’s kinda what I figured… If I were you though, I would have just made it a Quinceañera for both versions. English readers would prolly be a bit puzzled at first, but in the end they would have learned something new about Latino customs. Well anyway, it’s your call, so it don’t matter none… We’re just along for the ride.

  5. Malcolm says:

    And on a related note – David can survive being blasted through walls. Is this an inherent or learned trait?

  6. zetman says:

    Soo Cute :D . I really hope her dress has a sexy mini skirt :D

  7. Wolfen says:

    WOO-HOO!! New character! She’s downright adorable, too. Though I guess this means that black-eyed design is out? Oh well… I really liked it. Perhaps on another sister? There are still 3 more siblings to go, after Red Bolt and Kal. Still waiting for mother person’s debut, as well…
    Anywho, the eyebrows are interesting, and I love that Chinese dress… Lavender is an interesting color as well, obviously from the mother’s side. What color are her hair and eyes, though? And what’s the decibel count on that ability of hers?

    • Armando says:

      Yeah, the other design just didn’t work when inked. I was having a hard time not making her face a mess. The other siblings do look human – I’ll delve into that a bit more in Monday’s strip.
      The eyebrows actually are relevant – once again, wait for Monday. Hair is strawberry blonde, eyes are between blue and gray. Once I’m happy with my color test, I’ll put it up.

    • OhHaiMe says:

      Wow I love the new design,I like it lot more then the other one.I thought she had strawberry blond hair even before i read your comment.It’s amazing how you managed to make to the color come though in gray-scale.(But I still can’t wait for a full color look at her)

      It seems like every time you give a hint at something your going to do it always ends up ten time better once it hits the comic.You da Man! Armando.

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