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As you are reading this, I’ll probably be en route to Japan. I’m going to be all over the island, and I’ll try to tweet or post on Facebook while I’m over there. I’m led to believe that toilet seats over there, besides keeping your butt warm, have Internet connections. SO, with that in mind, follow me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook!

Monday brings about a special strip, with a bit of fallout/continuation from today. You’ll have to wait until I return for the the full story though, because several awesome people (other webcomics people and readers) stepped in and lent a hand with guest comics. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

Site is yours, so behave, kiddies..

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  2. Anonymous says:

    what’s she mad about?

  3. Marcus Martin says:

    I think it would take just one girls night out for them to get to know each other better.

  4. Daikataro says:

    Angela’s face is worth WAY more than a thousand words, most of which are PG-13 tho, so i can’t translate for you guys, srry.
    Bathrooms in japan are indeed holes in the ground, at least the public ones, they were designed like that to prevent people from slacking off while sitting in the toilet, by removing the toilet they sat into
    However some public benches have solar panels to generate electricity that u can use for free to charge ipod/phone/psp or whatever, most of those are located in spots with public access wi-fi, at least in the good areas of tokio, don’t expect that in the “gimme your wallet” neighborhoods tho!

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  6. Sio says:

    If you use bathrooms in houses, you may be right. Don’t expect the same from PUBLIC restrooms. Those are frequently just holes in the floor with some porcelain around them. They’re said to make ball-park troughs look downright swanky.

    There’s a webcomic written by an American who lives in Japan with his wife called “Raw Fish”. It’s got lots of little tidbits of inter-cultural diversity that will make you want to nail yourself to your Lay-z-boy. It doesn’t update often, but the archive is good for a giggle.

  7. baughbe says:

    ‘sigh’ Why is it the guy who gets stuck when two women don’t like each other? Can’t they just duel it out between themselves?

  8. Alienolivia says:

    Hey I just realized. I have a similar hairstyle to Juno.

    Run David Run

  9. Malcolm says:

    Guesses start here folks!

    • OhHaiMe says:

      1:Juno used her powers to get all the good clothes at an eighty percent off sale forcing Angela to buy that top.
      2:.Juno foresaw a future for Angela that she did not like.
      3:Juno stole the title of “Fancy pig breeder, 2005″ crushing Angelas dream.
      4:Juno is her sister(Twin?) that got all the powers.
      5:just plain jealous over David.

      • Big Ninja Jim says:

        I’d like too add one more. Angela likes being the Alpha Female and is afraid of Juno of taking that over.

      • Malcolm says:

        - Angie wanted that assistant job
        - Juno’s prescience makes her effectively un-sueable
        - Boob envy?

      • Wolfen says:

        I think it’s a combination of #5 and Ninja Jim’s suggestion. David is obviously her best friend. (She spends more time with him than anywhere else) and of course, being the hapless loser that he is, getting shot down all the time, she was used to being the only beautiful girl in his life. All of a sudden, Miss Juno shows up, and not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also a “cape”… And as the “Sad Angie” comic showed us, she may have a bit of an inferiority complex as far as capes are concerned. (If she does, then it might explain why she became a lawyer… In order to be able to exercise some level of power over them.) Now, whether or not this jealousy is of an amorous inclination, remains to be seen.

  10. Wolfen says:

    I knew it! She does have something against Juno! How intriguing…

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