Comparisons abound

There were some really gruesome ideas for “superpowered mishaps hospital waiting room” but I don’t want to blow my whole book of ideas in one strip.  So instead I chose to rip off pay homage to some of my faves and do a shout-out to the Futurama brain slugs and to Akira’s Tetsuo. If you haven’t watched Akira, you are doing yourself a disservice, let me tell you.

Have a good humpday – the weekend can’t get here soon enough..

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    Keep up the great writing.

  2. ADC says:

    I love the slug guy’s discreet overbite.

    And… superpowered mishaps doctor seems like an interesting profession…

  3. Sio says:

    Sorry, Canada…don’t declare war on me…

  4. Sio says:

    Oh, Kanedaaaaaaaaaa,
    I want your motorbike,
    True psychic love in all thy gang demand,
    With glowing brains we make thee rise…
    Tetsuo strong and free…

  5. baughbe says:

    Or worse, wearing a brain slug hat at a hypno-toad live show. You could end up in public office after an experience like that.

  6. daymon says:

    Yep a duck trying to swallow you just isn’t that bad, now the guy with the slug might get in before both of them. Don’t need the slug trying to take over the world, that would be bad.

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