Not on Animal Planet

I really wish I was making all of this up, but I’m not.  Nature can be a wonderful and a freakishly scary thing at times.  If you want to crosscheck my facts, you can look it up in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  Link is safe for work, as no duck porn is displayed – article has no pictures at all.  If you are really, really curious, go ahead and look up “duck penis” in the search engine of your choice. There are even videos.

Go ahead. I DARE YOU.

Who says you can’t learn anything from comics?.

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  1. featheremily says:

    I dunno, as far as traumatizing reproduction processes go you cant get worse than bed bugs. Except maybe Dolphins. Dolphins are jerks, guys! JERKS!

  2. tehblumchenkinder says:

    oh, i already got _that_ biology lesson– I live next to a lush, awesome body of water in the middle of a farking desert, thus, all sorts of critters, mostly migratory things, come flocking. *shudder *

  3. Kevin Rubin says:

    Oh yeah, this reminds me of the book “Astra and Flondrix” by Seamus Cullen… The male dwarves have such appendages, which when not in reproductive use they either coil about their bodies, or attach a board to the bottom for stability and use as pogo sticks.

  4. daymon says:

    I will take your word for it, looks like some of the others did a look up and are now hurting. Still made me laugh quite a bit though.

  5. Sio says:

    *pounding head with large brick* yes…yes I diiiiiddddd… ow ow ow ow ow…

  6. Baughbe says:

    Information is power. I’m not so sure I needed to be quite that powerful…. Oh Well. As if the constant Viagra spam wasn’t making me feel inadequate enough.

  7. Greg says:

    Long as my body and shaped like a cork screw? Van Nuys (porn capital of the world), here I come. They could call me Long Duck Dong (wow – how did he work a “Sixteen Candles” reference into that?)!

  8. Sio says:

    BRAIN BLEACH!!! I need BRAIN BLEACH! Aaaagghghghghghg!!!!!

  9. Malcolm says:

    Of course in case like this, whether we WISH to learn anything from comics is another matter.

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