Holiday special

No, I don’t have a “thing” for drawing hats on turkeys.  Although it is a well known fact that the only way to top a party hat is with a rocking fez.  Also, that turkey is only partially eaten because it’s much easier to draw a partially eaten turkey than a turkey skeleton.  I care for my readers.

Monday strip won’t feature a turkey with a sombrero. Or will it?.

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  1. Plasma Mongoose says:

    Is David immune to Evil Chef’s power?

  2. dralou says:

    Just discovered this comic, I really enjoy reading it so far.
    When I see zombie turkeys, I can’t help but remember the movie “Poultrygheist”:

    Oh, Z-movies, I love you so…

  3. techUnadept says:

    Dance zombie turkey dance!

  4. MI_UK says:

    “It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fez’ are cool”

  5. tehblumchenkinder says:

    buh! Now he _really_ looks like Harry Potter. Jeeze.

  6. daymon says:

    Oh that one made me chuckle, and telling Chef that and he will make you Like it after a good brain wash.

  7. Neko says:

    i have never undertood the little red hat joke… or even if its a joke

  8. Fern says:

    It better feature a monkey with a sombrero then. I demand moar sombreros.


  9. Luchis says:

    …evil chef rules! (cool sense of humor) :D

  10. baughbe says:

    Evil Chef: Yeah!

  11. David says:

    I like the mixture of shades. This piece feels like a transition from pencil and ink to color.

    Will Evil Chef create an army of undead turkeys to take over the City?

  12. Malcolm says:

    Oooh, shading.
    Now I’m glad we haven’t started on the turkey yet. Or that’d be another vote for “disturbed”.

    • Armando says:

      Yeah, playing around with the shading. I like the “depth” it provides. Will keep it up and see if I’m still able to pull off the 3x a week schedule – don’t want to jeopardize timeliness.

    • Malcolm says:

      Looks good overall. Could be potential issues with mixing handdone crosshatch with the smoother computer tones. My initial reaction was “Is David wearing a stringvest?” :)
      One hint – if you find a shade set you get comfortable with, *write it down*. Sounds obvious, but there’s nothing worse than “oh damn, what %tone was David’s hair again?… no that’s not it”.

    • Armando says:

      I had to look up what a stringvest is. And now I loathe you for what I’ve seen.

    • Malcolm says:

      Whoops. Sorry. Should have tagged it NSFW. Or NS, period.

  13. Neko says:

    esta tira es ya 100% digital verdad?

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